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SAVING BOTH GENERATIONS: Every Pregnant Woman is considered to be ‘At-Risk’ of developing a complication. This can also affect the Unborn Child.  There are known life-threatening Medical Complications that can lead to Maternal and Infant Mortality, as well as Maternal Morbidity, which may occur during pregnancy, labor or childbirth. Few of which include: Postpartum Hemorrhage […]


The World Health Organization: Postpartum Haemorrhage: is a loss of 500 ml or more from the genital tract after delivery. (PPH) Note: It is important to remember that a lower level of blood loss can cause the woman’s condition to deteriorate in certain circumstances. This will include the presence of anaemia or other medical conditions […]


We can understand the Silence and the Noise; there is so much in the mind that one can’t really understand. The entire world is in this situation, and no one yet knows How, Where, What, and Who. A dark moment in the world, but light will finally dawn, and we will come out of this […]

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